Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (V.O.M)

Both Dr. Zuroff and Baghdoyan are certified practitioners of V.O.M. a totally safe and non invasive way to heal vertebral subluxations that can be the root of pain, lameness, and other chronic illness. Using an “activator”, a spring loaded chiropractic tool, the vertebrae are gently accelerated into a normal position. By repeating these adjustments over a short course of increasing intervals, many animals can gain relief from pain and lead more normal lives.


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  • "Very helpful staff Dr Bs attitude with our little high strung rescues is calming to them and us as well"
    Lois C.
  • "Love taking my puppy there for training. People are very friendly and the information they give you is well worth the money for the class. I recommend it to anyone who has a puppy that needs guidance they know their stuff."
    Joanne T.
  • "These people care for our animals like they were their own. Its a bit of a drive but its the best vet you'll go to. Very friendly and helpful."
    Joe D.