Neutering and Spaying
We strongly recommend surgical neutering and spaying of all pet dogs and cats, that are not showing or being used for breeding. The best time for spay and neuter is between five and six months of age. Pre-anesthetic testing, perioperative pain medications, inhalant anesthetics, anesthetic monitoring and an experienced surgical team ensure that your pet is in good hands at the WAC.

Oral Surgery
Many pets undergoing dental cleaning will also need teeth extracted due to severe periodontal disease, deep cavities or fractured crowns. We are experienced in evaluating teeth visually and with X-rays, and in safely extracting teeth and their roots. Treatment of pain is an important component of oral surgery and we combine narcotics, NSAIDS, and local anesthetics when indicated to make your pet as comfortable as possible before, during and after oral surgery.

Pulse Oximetry
All animals undergoing general anesthesia at the WAC are continually monitored with instruments that measure their pulse rate and the level of oxygen in their blood. This allows us to precisely regulate the level of anesthesia and keep them as safe as possible.

Multi-parameter Anesthesia Monitoring
Many animals undergoing general anesthetics at the WAC receive additional monitoring, including: blood pressure, EKG, respiratory rate, and body temperature.  Tracking these parameters allows us to keep your pet as safe as possible while under anesthesia.


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