Specialists & Referrals

Ultrasound, Endoscopy, and Internal Medicine Consultation
Dr. Elizabeth Shaker, DACVIM, is available by appointment at the WAC for consultation on internal medical cases, ultrasound evaluations of the thorax or abdomen and endoscopy of the upper or lower GI tracts.

Orthopedics, Soft Tissue Surgery
Dr. Michael Frost, formerly staff surgeon at the MSPCA Rowley (Angel West) Hospital, is available at the WAC by appointment for orthopedic or soft tissue procedures. Cruciate repair, femoral head excision, triple pelvic osteotomy, bone plating, ear canal ablation, and splenectomy are some of the specialty surgeries he has performed in our surgical suite.

Rhinoscopy, Urethroscopy, Laser Endosurgery
Dr. David Sobel, MRCVS, is available by appointment at the WAC for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.  Dr. Sobel employs the latest endoscope and laser technology to diagnose and treat tumors of the urethra, bladder, and nasal passage here at our clinic.


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Due to Covid-19 our hours may vary. Please call ahead. We are working hard to increase our hours of operation over the next few weeks.


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