Pain Management

Controlling pain in your pet is an important part of our mission at the Williamsburg Animal Clinic.

We utilize a multimodal approach to manage pain in our surgical patients. We try to preempt their pain by giving all animals an injection of an opiate combined with a sedative, prior to their anesthetic induction. During particularly painful procedures local anesthetics are often used. Injectable non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) are given just before or after procedures. Postoperative opiates are used if indicated. Most surgical patients are discharged with oral opiates, NSAIDS or a combination of the two, to ensure comfort at home.

We are also skilled in combating traumatic and chronic pain in our patients.

Many of our senior patients suffer from arthritis, or painful joints. We use many tools to manage these patients including; Nutrition, nutraceuticals, V.O.M., NSAIDS, and opiates. Some newer approaches include blocking pain pathways with such drugs as amitriptyline and gabba pentin.


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