Every 2 seconds a family pet is lost. Tragically most never make it back home because their owners didn't identify them. With AVID microchip your pet can't leave home without his identification.

The microchip is so tiny that it fits through a hypodermic needle. Just like a vaccination, it's injected under the skin of your pet. If your lost pet is found by a shelter or veterinarian, they will check for a microchip with a special scanner, (over 17,000 have been distributed), find the chip number and call AVID's 24-hour hotline. Your pet will be home in no time.


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  • "Very helpful staff Dr Bs attitude with our little high strung rescues is calming to them and us as well"
    Lois C.
  • "Love taking my puppy there for training. People are very friendly and the information they give you is well worth the money for the class. I recommend it to anyone who has a puppy that needs guidance they know their stuff."
    Joanne T.
  • "These people care for our animals like they were their own. Its a bit of a drive but its the best vet you'll go to. Very friendly and helpful."
    Joe D.